Primary School

Primary School

Studying at Lakshya is a great way to enhance your career


In our primary classes, we emphasize a hands-on, multi-disciplinary, and multi-sensory teaching approach to foster creativity, imagination, and interpersonal skills. With small class sizes (maximum 32-35 students), teachers can optimize teaching and adapt pedagogy to suit each student's needs. These years prioritize inquiry and wonder, essential for cultivating lifelong learners. Our students gain a robust foundation, empowering them to explore their interests confidently and without hesitation.

Our curriculum is integrated with instruction in music, dance, art, yoga, values, and sports. Taught by specialized educators, these subjects offer students a chance to excel in both arts and academics. Our unique Science Park and fully functional Robotics Lab provide practical knowledge, offering numerous opportunities for students to innovate, create, and test their skills.

A day`s journey at LAKSHYA involves acquiring, analyzing and applying knowledge in different aspects. A home away from home, any day in LAKSHYA is full of enthusiasm, creativity, noise and enjoyment. Each session is planned in accordance with the 21st century skills, and After-School Clubs help learners develop their passions.

Unique Activities

LAKSHYA believes in the holistic development of each student. Our programme provides equal opportunity to excel in both academics as well as co-curricular activities.

LAKSHYA’s Assembly: A Conglomeration of Confidence and Talent.

Students can explore their creative and cultural skills in skits, songs and dances performed every week in the assembly. Every student gets a chance to be on the stage. Students have a platform to showcase their talents in a variety of fields, overcome stage fear and become confident speakers. Language and sports assemblies enrich the learners and provide opportunities for learning beyond academics.

Read to Write and Speak

At Lakshya we encourage students to develop reading habit. Reading promotes better expression in them that in turn is reflected in their speaking and writing. We stimulate students’ imagination and interactive abilities through reading sessions.


Sports are an integral part of a student`s life at LAKSHYA. LAKSHYA encourages students to participate in both indoor and outdoor sports to stimulate physical and mental health. Our Sports programmes assist students in inculcating tolerance, patience, obedience, discipline, willpower and a determination to win. Students excel physically and also develop sporting spirit through these activities.

Educational Trips

Educational field trips facilitate fast and efficient learning, bridge gaps and provide rich experiences related to concepts taught in class. They provide unique opportunities for learning that extend beyond the walls of the classroom. These trips are planned to enable students to connect to the real world through different experiences.

Life Skills

In a constantly changing environment, life skills equip students with essential social and interpersonal skills to cope with the demands of everyday life. The Life Skills programme builds confidence and encourages students to think critically, foster independence and to communicate effectively. It also focuses on skills such as self-awareness, problem solving, decision making, empathy, and dealing with emotions.


LAKSHYA houses a Pet Corner to provide students with opportunities to take on more responsibility, inculcate a sense of gratitude, and help build character. LAKSHYA strongly believes in providing ample opportunities for our students to nurture their innate potential and channel their abundant energy in developing skills essential for success in a competitive world. Keeping this philosophy in mind, we offer a range of After School Clubs and Sports activities for students to choose from based on their interests.

Lakshya prepares students with the transformative experience and to be well-rounded leaders who make a positive impact on the world.

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