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Lakshya School of Excellence

Welcome to Lakshya School of Excellence (LSE), where we are dedicated to providing top-notch schooling in a nurturing environment. Our school campus and surroundings are meticulously designed to create an ideal learning atmosphere.

At LSE, the safety and security of our students are our utmost priority. We have implemented stringent measures to ensure their well-being within the premises. Along with a secure environment, we place a strong emphasis on imparting value education to shape responsible citizens.

In today’s contemporary world, communication skills play a vital role. That’s why we conduct special programs to help our students stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, we understand the importance of holistic development, and therefore, we offer a wide range of co-curricular activities such as Math Club, Chess Club, Robotics, Writing Club, Student Council, Debate Competitions, and Science Fair, among others.

Sports and games not only promote physical fitness but also contribute to mental well-being, teamwork, and communication skills. With our dedicated sports facilities and qualified physical educators, students can engage in outdoor and indoor activities like Chess, Carrom, Cricket, Skating, Archery, Lawn Tennis, Basketball, and Swimming.

To enhance the teaching-learning process, we have equipped our classrooms with ICT-enabled tools, making education more effective and engaging for our students.

We understand the importance of timely transportation, and therefore, LSE operates a fleet of buses that cover all important points in the city, ensuring convenience for both students and staff.

The well-being of our students and staff is of utmost concern. Hence, we have a fully functional infirmary with qualified and experienced doctors who regularly monitor the health of our students. Additionally, we have installed fire-fighting systems and extinguishers in prime areas of the campus to handle any emergency situations.

With our comprehensive surveillance system, using advanced technology and surveillance cameras, we ensure the safety of our students within the premises, maintaining a secure environment round the clock.

So come and explore our lush green, pollution-free campus for the holistic development of your child, with an affordable fee structure.

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